“All of the short courses were enjoyable. An excellent opportunity to expand my knowledge and depth of understanding of data science.”

Fanzi Meng, Australian National University

Week 1

  • Anastasios Panagiotelis Associate Professor, University of Sydney Business School

    Dimension Reduction: A plane and simple primer on linear and nonlinear algorithms with applications

  • Gael Martin Professor, Monash University

    An Introduction to Bayesian Statistics

  • Leah South Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology

    Post-Processing of MCMC

  • Susan Wei Lecturer, The University of Melbourne

    Neural Networks and Related Models

Week 2

  • David Frazier Associate Professor, Monash University

    Approximate Bayesian Computation: The Likelihood is dead, Long Live Simulation!

  • Matias Quiroz Lecturer, University of Technology, Sydney

    Subsampling MCMC – An approach to speed up MCMC by data subsampling

  • Robert Salomone Postdoctoral Research Fellow, QUT Centre for Data Science

    Neural Networks and Related Models